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Casting Call Policies

2018 Winter Production Requirements


To Be Eligible

  • The Winter Production is open to all multicultural adults and children.
  • Applicants may perform in only one production yearly.
  • Each applicant MUST return a completed and signed Audition form(One application per person).
  • Each applicant MUST include a headshot with the application.
  • Applicants MUST attend audition for the Winter Production.
  • Chosen applicants MUST attend ALL rehearsals in order to participate in the Winter Production.

Planning Your Act

  • Music/performances will be screened.
  • All performances and monologues will be limited to 2(two) minutes maximum time.  Please plan accordingly.
  • All equipment for the applicant’s performance must be provided by the applicant. If your performance requires recorded accompanying music, the music must be:
    • Provided to the Music On Wheels Academy of Performing Arts committee at the time of auditions(The CD WILL NOT be returned)
    • Brought to the audition on a CD labeled with the applicant’s name(s), song name, and artist/composer
    • Edited to be no longer than 2(two) minutes in length
    • Recorded as an MP3/MP4

Audition Date

 Auditions will be held on:  TBD


This is a voluntary performance.  No monetary compensation will be given for rehearsals/performances.  Applicants auditioning must attend all rehearsals or will be eliminated from the program.  Auditioning does not guarantee that Applicants will be chosen as a participant in the production.  Applicants will acknowledge there are risks associated with this event, which include, but are not limited to personal injury, risk of loss or damage to personal property.  Applicants voluntarily enter the Music On Wheels Academy of Performing Arts’ Winter Production; and in doing, so assumes all of these risks.  Applicants, upon entry of this audition and upon signing this form, hereby agrees to waive and release Music On Wheels Academy of Performing Arts and all its board, directors, volunteers, sponsors, vendors as well as any of their affiliates and successors from any liabilities of any kind arising from this event.  Applicant hereby certifies that to the best of their knowledge, they are physically and mentally fit to perform in this event.



  • ONLY bottled water will be allowed during rehearsals/performances
  • Food and beverages are NOT ALLOWED during rehearsals/performances
  • Cells phones/electronic tablets/computers/electronics of any kind are NOT ALLOWED during rehearsals/performances
  • No recording of any kind of rehearsals/performances
  • Foul languages WILL NOT be tolerated during rehearsals/performances
  • Rehearsals are closed to the public; therefore additional persons will not be allowed in rehearsals
  • Shirt and shoes MUST be worn at all times
  • Another person’s space MUST be respected
  • No fraternizing/no special favors


Audition Selection Process

Music On Wheels Academy of Performing Arts will select applicants to participate in the Winter Production.  Chosen applicants will be contacted by e-mail within one week after auditioning.  If selected, you will have three(3) days to confirm participation.  If we have not received confirmation within three(3) days, the applicant’s name will be withdrawn and another applicant will be selected.

Applications may be mailed to:

            Music On Wheels Academy of Performing Arts

            PO BOX 6426

            Marietta, GA 30065


Applications may be e-mailed to:


If you are selected, you are required to attend the mandatory rehearsals on selected dates that will be e-mailed upon receipt of confirmation.


I also understand that at this event or related activities, my child may be photographed or videotaped in activities described within the Music On Wheels Academy of Performing Arts’s program.  I agree to allow photos, video, Internet advertisement, and/or film to be used for any legitimate purpose by the event holders, producers, sponsors, organizers, for marketing, informational, or educational purposes.

Please contact Sandrea Burroughs at 678-697-4706 or Sophia Jones at 678-327-8849 for any questions you may have at www.