Welcome to Music On Wheels Academy

Students can experience all aspects of music education through our instructor-led and virtual curriculum. Voice, Piano, Strings, Dance, and Percussion. Let your creative journey begin.

Welcome to
“Music on Wheels Academy”

For over a decade, students have enrolled in Music On Wheels Academy and graduated to fulfill their dreams in the performing arts. Classical and Jazz musicians, singers, dancers, and actors —all have come here to perfect their craft and deepen their artistry.
Sandrea Bourroughs, CEO

Our Courses

Learn locally or anywhere in the world.  Music On Wheels Academy can provide lessons at the academy, in your home, or online.

You are just one click away.

Private / Group Piano

Students will be introduced to music theory and explore music application principles on the piano/keyboard.


Students will learn body posture, sheet music, rhythm, use of sticks, and theory in performance of the “Drum Set”.


Students will learn scales, string techniques & bowing, reading, theory, and listening skills in preparation for our recitals.

Zoom Lessons

Our online lessons give both opportunity and convenience to start your musical journey now. Why wait?  Start now!


Students will learn theory and techniques to expand range, learn expression, and increase power in voice.


Students will learn expression in creative movement and trained for individual performance in preparation for our recitals.


Classes involve skits/plays, and musicals relevant to building self-esteem, discipline, and critical thinking skills.

Music Camps

Music camps have been missed by our community, and we can’t wait to welcome you back this summer.

Become the musician you’ve dreamed of.

At Music on Wheels Academy, skill and artistry are developed as a means to engage and inspire. Our students learn to cultivate their musical gift through foundational music theory, practice, creativity, and showmanship. Here, students are encouraged to pursue their calling of artistry as performers and creators that propel them as they embark on their musical journey.

At Music On Wheels Academy, we are a community of artists who believe in the power of music for the social and emotional stability of all the worlds’ citizens for generations to come.

Annual Recitals

  • Performance is an important aspect of any musician’s life. There are yearly recitals, concerts, and masterclasses to provide Music On Wheels students the opportunity to set goals and develop necessary performance skills to further their musical journey. Students are urged to take advantage of these opportunities.
  • Student Recitals are generally scheduled yearly. Student recitals provide an opportunity for students to sharpen their performance skills in front of an audience of family and friends. Please check our calendar of events for recital dates and times.
  • Master Classes are occasionally presented by renowned guest teachers and clinicians for the benefit of Music on Wheels students and faculty. The Master Class provides a valuable learning experience for those students who participate as well as for those who just observe. Please contact the Academy at 678-697-4706 or info@musiconwheelsga.com for more information.

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Winter Recital

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