Garnette DaCostaGarnette DaCosta
17:08 12 May 21
Very kind, and caring teachers/mentors
Teddy OshirakTeddy Oshirak
19:37 28 Nov 20
I have been a part of this program for over ten years, and ever since I began at seven years old, I have received the absolute best piano experience and training I could ever ask for. Piano is no easy instrument to learn, and requires time, practice, and commitment. From my experience, the teachers in this academy will provide you with absolutely everything you need to succeed and guide you every step of the way as long as you're willing to be patient and stay committed to your practice. In this academy, lessons will follow a sequential order of appropriate difficulty that is well within the student's musical capabilities while still remaining challenging and pushing students forward towards greater goals and more impressive and challenging music. The teachers do their absolute best to work with students through potential plateaus, find books and music that teach core mechanics, expose students to varying types of musical cultures, and help to explore other genres and styles that students may be interested in studying. And now, as I turn eighteen and am ready to pursue music in college further, I feel confident this program and its teachers have prepared me well for what I should expect and not only provided me with musical talent, but also taught me valuable life lessons of patience, diligence, and commitment. Music on Wheels is well worth your time and money and is a fantastic way to either help your child begin in music, or reach musical goals of your own.
April BriantApril Briant
22:24 30 May 18
Hearts turned to Christ & much love for the children.
Katherine SavageKatherine Savage
22:53 12 Feb 17
Music on Wheels is an excellent school of the Arts. They are not an entertainment agency. Productions are produced primarily as an educational tool. True parents are not allowed to be in rehearsal but are allowed to remain in the waiting area adjacent to the rehearsal area. Parents always have access to their children. When in the theater before a show all of the younger children have assigned adult chaperones that are part of the academy. It's handled the same way as when your child attends school. Music on Wheels is a school comprised of people that are praying, dedicated and trustworthy. They are not only highly qualified in the performing arts but people of integrity.